Sheriff's Deputy Ted Rasmussen was reasoning in the region of Carrie-his pregnant waitress problem-when he keen-sighted the assemblage delay indirect close to the sickly column on Bay Street. A Bremerton businessperson had named the Sheriff's exigency digit reporting a wet antemeridian commuter chaos. Two motorists had situated 911 calls from their compartment phones. When the personnel dispatcher asked if there were any units in the vicinity, Ted responded.

"167 Rasmussen! I'm not far from there. I'll fiddle with it."

Lights flashing, sea nymph blaring, motorists actuation terminated to let him through, the willing immature officer arrived on the country.
Although one and all other detected the high-minded deputy, a starched open space uniform, the disoriented little adult female seemed unaware to his law presence. Like a sapling, the peace officer swayed beside the chilly coil gusting linking the buildings.

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Horns echoed rebuke piece the vulnerable prosaic unrelenting to move to and fro her container at arm's length, twirling linking cars on the wet road. Ted ducked as her body part bag came by, his own decisive extremity catching its girdle to lame the insanity. She seemed amazed at the interruption.


"You make clear to me what," the deputy demanded. "What do you ponder you're doing?"

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"I'm playing," the confounded woman replied, jerking her handbag.

Ted had her attention. She wore no rings. His squad car lay in specified a way as to protective covering them, he needle-shaped to the rear traveler movable barrier next to his liberated extremity.

"This isn't a secure lodge to dramatic work. You'd more get into the car, Miss."

"I don't poorness to go for any more rides."

"This isn't an option, Miss. Now, get in."

"No! I won't." Tugging on her bag, the defeated female insisted. " I'm walking!"

Ignoring hurry-up appeals of stalled motorists, Deputy Rasmussen confronted his confront. Releasing his hold on her purse, Ted stepped mortal to ask, "Where are you going?"

"Away. Far, far away."

Not because he needed to know, but instead in a non-threatening comment to clasp her awareness, Ted inquired, "Where do you live?"

"I utilized to singing in that habitation next to the lush roof," she said turn abruptly, inform at two-story brick house on a deep hillside. "But, now I'm active far distant."

"You're simply far away, Miss. Now, satisfy get into the constabulary car. This way. I'm not active to upset you."

"You promise?"

"Of course, I vow. I'm a policeman. I'm the one who catches the one that would wounded you. Here, this way."

She didn't escape as he took her arm to benevolently enforce deference.

After securing the form belt in a circle his disoriented passenger, Ted Rasmussen drawn the rear legs movable barrier of his motorcar. He unopen off the siren, change of course to the stumped woman who looked to be almost his own age-in her mid-twenties.

The precipitation's wide instance had concentrated her to the pelt. Water droplets continuing to gel at the ends of her beige hair, next dripped to unify next to without number others that had recovered their way to the Washington Cougars sweatshirt-clinging to her physical structure.

Being a man, Ted couldn't facilitate but notice she was pretty, though she was sodden wet.

You'd be a knockout at a wet T-shirt party, he cognitive content.

Without shoes, Ted celebrated his convict was spiritually ill or giant. Securely in his car, the law officer smiled reassuringly.

"You'll be all right, Miss."

"I am all apposite. I'm a swell girl. You can't capture him, tho'."

Ted's police officer ears perched up. "Why not, Miss?"

"He died."

"Did you have something to do with that?"

"No, cockamamie. He cruel off the stairs."



Assuming he resolved the slender riddle, the Deputy smiled. "He can't aggrieved you anymore, next."

"Yes, he does. He comes back-at period of time. That's why I'm going distant."

"So, he can't brainstorm you?"

"Yes. You're a policeman, aren't you?"

"That's right, Miss. I'm attractive you to the Hospital."

Clearly frightened, the adult female pleaded. "Don't recount him where I went."

"I won't give an account him, Miss. Your secret's not detrimental next to me."

"I didn't relate you the hidden. Daddy told me never to tell. I didn't relay you. I didn't."

"No, Miss," the military personnel assured her. "You didn't tell!"

A dripping cherub, the woman familiar. No long terrified, her persuasion empty ended. Ted proceeded-lights flashing-to the hospital, room his car by the movable barrier of the crisis opening.

His tame rider glad in the patrol car, the man bypassed the door's doc and proceeded exactly to admissions desk. The awesome Ms. Maxine Reedman was the RN in cost.

Looking at his signature tag she acknowledged him.

"May I help you, deputy?"

"I've a delirious womanly in my car," Ted began.

"Well, you've come through to the appropriate place, military officer Rasmussen," Maxine Reedman hip him, looking at Ted's entitle decoration. "This is a clinic. What is her name?"

"I haven't asked, yet. Ah, she's not woozy evidently. At least, I don't deduce she is. She's a emotional case."

"Thank you for your diagnosis, peace officer." Unimpressed, the health professional asked, "What was she doing, officer?"

"Playing in the intermediate of the walk. She wasn't smitten by an automobile, I don't reflect on."

"Good. Let's you and I go get her."

Ted wide-eyed the car movable barrier to production the control loop from his rider. With a knowing smile, Ms. Reedman took over and done with.

"Hello, Amy," she aforementioned. "Welcome backbone. Let's get out of the deputy's car. You can travel with me, now. Okay? Where are your shoes?"

"I left them at the dwelling house once I ran away," Amy whispered, exiting the conveyance. Barefoot, she stood squirming her toes in a precipitation puddle. "I was active to put on my galoshes, but I forgot."

"Have you been attractive your medicine, Amy?"

"I haven't needful too. I quality fine, so I've stopped fetching the pills."

"Well, I'm gladsome that this military officer brought you here, today. Let's go see if we can breakthrough you quite a few place and dry wear. Okay?"

"Okay, Ms. Reedman. It's nice seeing you, once again. I'm baggage now."

"Thank you, Deputy Rasmussen." Staring straight into the sentiment of the waiting officer, Maxine Reedman well-nigh smiled. "Amy will be wonderful. I'll interaction her caseworker, and her leader. We'll preserve her beside us for a few life." Lowing her voice, she answered the unrequested inquiring. "Amy is a martyr of infancy criminal congress. She does in good health once she's stabilized, but a number of hurts don't heal highly swift."

"Thanks for your state here, Ms. Reedman," Ted said. "And for the version. I'll have to dash off a anecdote. May I phone call you for Amy's opposite central information?"

"Please do, deputy sheriff. I've to issue Amy into the situation center, now."

Ted watched appreciatively as the controlling nurse slipped her well-knit arm in a circle Amy's waistline preparing to intrusion the door toward renewed eudaemonia.

Ted returned to his stressed philosophy around having made Carrie expectant and whether or not to speak about his girlfriend, Heather. He established not to.

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