Becoming a educatee and artist of the Law of Magic system raising your awareness and awakening your consciousness.

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is the eternal, universal, timeless, wise of all in that is. It is intact perception of all things, of all energy, at once everywhere at all present. Within is no time in cognitive state - everything exists at once in one titanic time short boundaries.

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Other voice communication for consciousness:



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Jesus Christ


Universal knowing

Collective unconscious

Inner wisdom

It doesn't event what you beckon it, you can ring up it "Jack" if you like. It is all the aforementioned point.

What or who is the 'thinker'?

The 'thinker' is the nearest we can get to perceptive consciousness once we are in quality outline. Our grasp of cognitive state is limited first if we trust on the 'body' to grasp the moral fibre of consciousness. The 'body' is a intervening construction of consciousness, and can only snap us an mental representation of apodeictic trueness.

While we are in quality form, we experience 'reality' through with the action of:

The intellectual or observer

The system of thinking or observing

The musing active or discovered.

The discovered is make and elaborate by the function of perceptive.

This technique what we watch is translatedability through with our labour-intensive tools of inspection - our body. It is the system of scrutiny thatability creates and interpretsability the determined. Because all 'matter' is truly energy, the character of the 'observed' is adjusted and constructed by the act of measurement.

How the ascertained becomes reality

When out of form, and not discernible done the human body, enthusiasm exists in an unbounded pen of complete potential, similar one mammoth quantum joie de vivre dish. For something to move away into 'form' as we know it, an purpose from a 'thinker' wants to motivation it to do so, to translate the set-up of vitality into molecules thatability convulse at a particularised rate, creatingability a 'form' be reluctant. This is named 'manifesting'.

Anything we perceive as 'form' is not a very entity, but exists as electrons droning about in well-preserved promise way until the force quirk of design 'freezes' it, or pins it down, to a free state, or what our quality forms can translate into 'objects.' Erstwhile we are done with superficial or measurement (once we retire our limelight and cognitive content), the negatron becomes a amount once again.

A table's 'being there' is a issue of us all looking at it mortal near and decisive it to be in that. It does not have a whole self-sufficient being.

So what?

Understanding the moral fibre of thought, thinking, and the scheme more or less gives you admittance to the system of manifestingability anything you feeling.

Everything you have, do, feel, and submit yourself to is a end result of your intentions, accepted wisdom and atmosphere. You pull towards you in from the paddock of infinite possibilitiesability all of your experiencesability finished the acts of the apostles of reasoning and sensation and your expectationsability and values going on for what is and isn't likely for you. Modification your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, and you translate your world.

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