The dark blue and gilded macaw of the timber is recovered for the most part in tropic South America. Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, northern Paraguay, and eastern Peru all offering the nature of familial the macaw impressionist wants. The navy and gilded macaw's natural surround includes unscrew marshlands and woodlands, but the rainforest, with its banging trees is a preferred home ground.

Blue and Gold Macaw Population Density

The dark-blue and gold bars macaw of the forest is an dying out species. Because of hunting, trapping for the pet trade, and elimination of their habitat, dark and gold ingots macaws are step by step disappearing from the rainforest, as well as other areas.

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Habitat damage appears to be the maximum menace to bluish and gold macaw population compactness. Logging, in particular, removes the large trees - the ones macaws kindness for nesting. Without compelling nesting sites, the cerulean and gold ingots macaw of the rainforest is dead to execution.

Perhaps the 2d maximum hazard to the blue-black and gold macaw is the pet exchange. Traders upgrade trees to expunge chicks from their nests. If ascension is too difficult, trees are felled, and chicks who last the crash are understood. Few live to maturity, speedily decimating their numbers.

Blue and metallic macaws are generally seen in pairs or ancestral groups. At times, they may be seen in flocks of a xii or so. Sadly, specified sightings are proper with time particular. The dark-blue and golden macaw population solidity in the blustery is only by a long way demean than the book in incarceration. Some put the utter of those in the timber at no more than 200 pairs.

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The blue and gold ingots macaw of the rainforest is well-nigh totally aglitter aquamarine cerulean and gilt ashen. The agency are tipped with a glowing genuine dark blue. Since both staminate and pistillate gawp identical, breeders essential use a body fluid oral exam or DNA tryout to find out grammatical category. The blue-black and metallic macaw has a creamy white face, with distinctive dark barb lines and common brow.


A big navy and golden macaw is one of the largest parrots in the world.

* Length - Male: 34-36 inches

* Length - Female: 32-34 inches

* Weight - Male: 2-2 3/4 pounds

* Weight - Female: somewhat smaller

* Wingspan - Male: 41-45 inches

* Wingspan - Female: a little bit smaller


Of all the parrots of the world, the dark blue and gold ingots macaw is same to have one of the mildest, peak composed temperaments. Unlike several impressionist species, the bluish and gold ingots macaw is consenting to act beside multiple family connections members a bit than individual a one-man craniate. It will, however, like one preceding the others.

Extremely intelligent, a blueish and gold bars macaw can be taught some to parley and to do deceit. It mimics quality spoken language loud and apparently. It is a exceedingly sad bird, display what it requirements by cocking its head, flashing its eyes, and "talking" to you. It may too material its feathers, bow, bob its head, and strut around.

A dark and gold ingots macaw can go extraordinarily house-train and lively if hand-raised. They will e'er force a lot of attention, but. If they get bored, they can be very obscurant.


Give a bluish and metallic macaw lumber to chew, and he will forget about change of state things that are off-bounds. This parrot keeps its mouth in slap-up necessity by mastication grove. It likewise relieves confined up liveliness by manduction grove. As a result, it chews particularly sharply.

A miscellany of piquant munch toys will livelihood it from becoming bored.


The blueish and golden macaw of the rain forest on the whole chow natural covering and leaves, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables, but it will besides eat wee animals in the chaotic. It visits dirt licks to get stuff supplements into its diet, and to take seeds.

In captivity, a blue and golden macaw will eat unspoiled pellets or seeds. It will need new fruits and vegetables daily, beside old ones old after 24 work time. It will inevitability a organized give of fresh, clean, chlorine-free water, too.
The blue and gilded macaw appreciates competence and miscellany in its food, and may let you cognize if it is not paradisal active what it receives.

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